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September 09, 2009


Tanya Webb

Please don't tell me books are going to become obsolete. Being raised with a true love of books, the electronic version cannot compete with that special feel of opening a brand new book, with discovering a very old original text, the receipt of signed copy from your favorite author, or even just a "favorite book" found by a friend and gifted with a hand-written note in the cover. And what about the sense of true wonder you feel when walking into the BIG public library stacks? Sometimes the experience really is about the feel of paper. The coveted experience is escape, but how successful is that escape without all your senses being involved? Until books do become obsolete, I pledge to keep handing brand new copies of all-time childhood favorites (Green Eggs & Ham, anyone?) to kids just learning to read, hoping they'll get the full experience of escape AND paper!

Vince Poscente

Dear Reader,

I love the sentiment and agree that there is something magical about books. I surround myself with them in my office. It's a borderline fetish ;-)

Maybe I should have added (As We Know Them) to the title. But rest assured books will be pushed aside by future generations. Some of these same people will keep books on hand.

Think of it this way. The sound of cracking a new book open. Reading Where the Wild Things Are to your child. Sitting on a beach with nothing but the sun and sound of the waves to accompany the paperbound book. These are all things that we cherish.

Much the same way horse people love the sound of a leather saddle as you pull your self up from the horn and throw your leg over your horse. Or nuzzling your equine friend as you pat his sturdy neck. Or the gentle rocking of a train or the smell of the ocean and wind in your hair as you travel by boat.

New technology (cars and planes) didn't replace these experiences entirely, they just made it more of a "destination experience."

Long live books (in all forms)...

PS... I miss home cooked meals too ;-)

Mark Arnold

Great post, Vince! The tools may change but reading as an experience will not. If books don't survive, then surely reading will. My favorite interview question I ask is "What is the last book you've read?" The applicants' answers gives me invaluable insights into their soul.

By the way, I knew the Kindle had tipped when someone asked me if they could download my new book (Think Huge) for their Kindle (see blog.thinkhuge.info).

Keep up the great writing and think huge!

Wayne Kronz

I collect certain kinds of books. If books “go away” where will that leave me?

One category of book I collect are business and behavior books that make excellent use of visual aids to reinforce their content. And so, logically, I have your book, The Age of Speed. It was love at first sight.

I also maintain a blog, MethodMap.blogspot.com. Since I specialize in the creation and use of visual aids in public speaking and publishing, this is the topic of the blog.

One of the features of the blog is its’ Quotation Slideshows. I have done such a program for The Speed of Age. And it is my most popular one. You might want to check it out at http://methodmap.blogspot.com/2010/02/quotation-slideshow-from-age-of-speed.html.

Wayne Kronz

Vince Poscente

Wayne... nice work on the quotes. I hope this gets passed around. Take care, Vince

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